About us


Chairs - contoured/padded, folding & office

High stools

Rectangular tables: 4/6/8 foot - skirted or non-skirted

Round tables - 30/42 inches - skirted or non-skirted

Drapery booths (click to see colors)

Carpet - booths or aisle

Carpeted wall panels - various sizes

Registration counter (click for picture)

High counters - various sizes, carpeted & non-carpeted (click for picture)

In-door mobile office

Ticket booths - indoor/outdoor (click for picture)

Stage: 18/24/36 inches high (click for picture)

Judges stand with sides: 18/24/36 inches high (click for picture)

Desks - regular and covered (click for picture)


Cork Boards: 4x6 double sided

Stanchions with ropes: blue

Raffle drum

Folding picnic tables

Other equipment available, just ask


Event setup and teardown

Event layout consultation

Forklift service

Labor - installation and dismantling

Drayage service - material handling

Signs for event